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Email Issues - 22nd August 2017

The Zelan Email service suffered a malicious SPAM attack today, although the cause has been identified, problems may continue to a number of major email providers such as Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail for a further 24 hours or more until their blocks are removed. You may receive various error messages. Regrettably there is little we can do to reduce the period until these providers resume normal service for emails originating from the Zelan Email server.

The problem was caused by one customer's email account being compromised, this is either due to use of a weak password or potentially a Virus infecting the customer's equipment. This is a timely reminder that passwords need to be strong and should be periodically changed. Also that good quality Anti-Virus software is a necessity, not a luxury.

In the light of this issue, we will be reviewing whether we need to add some rules to enforce stronger passwords. However, stronger passwords will not prevent Viruses from hijacking email.

Once we have decided on the best way forward, we'll post some instructions on this website and drop you an email to remind you. Regrettably, if we have to enforce strong passwords and potentiially forcing periodic password changes, this does add a little pain to using email, however as with most preventative measures in life, the medicine is rarely without side effects, but we'll do our best to minimise them.

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