Old CRM System

Usage stats and old Online Payment System (PayPal) for Invoices with INV-nnnnnnnn format numbers.  Click here

New CRM System

New Online Payment System (Windcave / Payment Express) for Invoices with INV-Unnnnnnn format numbers.  Click here

Remote Access of Customer PCs/Laptops

When requesting Technical Support, it may be necessary for a Zelan Technician to remotely access your device. This is accomplished using ConnectWise Manager, which requires you to connect to a website and enter a code that the technician will give you.

In order to maintain security, Zelan Technicians will never normally proactively contact you to remotely access your device, you must have initiated a Support Call or Ticket and ensure that the person you are talking to is a genuine Zelan Technician.

If you ever receive a request from someone to access your device where you have not initiated the conversation and you are concerned in any way, please do not allow this and report any instance of this happening to Zelan.

In some very rare circumstances we may need to request access where you have not initiated the communications. However, we will use multiple communication methods to verify the request is genuine, e.g. only Zelan and you know your LoginID for the new CRM system, so a genuine Zelan Technician will be able to confirm this, but a bogus one shouldn't be able to.

The webpage you will be connecting to for Zelan Remote Access is https://wcsupport.screenconnect.com/, if you are redirected to any other page, then this is likely a bogus request.

To allow a Zelan Technician to remotely access your device to provide Technical Support.  Click here

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